Direct Marketing & Promotion

Green Tech Europe website is visited by a growing number of individuals and companies worldwide, including environmental specialists and investors. By advertising on, you can effectively introduce your technologies to the world. You may be contacted directly by a potential client who sees your technologies on our website, which can mark the beginning of a new venture or partnership. Direct marketing significantly increases business opportunities by enabling you to directly exhibit your technologies. It not only allows you to directly communicate with potential clients and receive their feedback, but it also enables you to better understand their needs.

The most important element of direct marketing is the correct understanding of the targeted market: its companies and individuals. Understanding your unique market is where the primary strength of our research lies. In addition, we have an up-to-date knowledge of the energy and environment sectors through our day-to-day research, current publications, and frequent contacts with experts throughout the world. We are therefore already familiar with those business proponents that may be interested in your technologies. For example, if you have relevant technologies, we can easily contact the world’s top-200 system integrators for solar power generation. Similarly, we have good access to venture capital and private equity companies, to whom we promote our publications.

Our direct marketing and promotion include the following services:

  • Selection of target markets: Based on market analysis (where and who), we create a list of target companies for you to approach.

  • Production of marketing tools: We create brochures and other publication materials for your products.

  • Promotion: Our multilingual staff will contact your target businesses via email and telephone.

  • Negotiating a contract: We negotiate licenses and prices with your potential business partners. We also prepare contracts.

We offer a range of promotion methods in accordance with your needs and budget. At one end of the spectrum, we have undertaken small-scale promotional activities where we contacted just a few select companies, while at the other end, we have carried out large-scale promotional campaigns, our most recent of which involved approaching 2,200 companies in 20 countries, and organising seminars in London, New York and Düsseldorf.