Research & Strategy Consulting

Research is the primary business of London Research International. We conduct a wide range of professional research in a number of countries and regions worldwide, with a particular focus on the field of energy and the environment. For successful technology exporting, research in the following areas is essential:

Our consultants propose a customized strategy for your technology exports based on the analysis of information obtained through research in the above-mentioned areas. This process has two objectives: first, to explore a wide range of available options, and second, to narrow down which option is best for you. There are multiple channels and methods when searching for appropriate licensees, and different ways of exporting your technology – for example, a licensee could be found, or the project could be implemented with a partner based on your technology. By taking budget parameters, cash flow projections, and other variables into account, London Research International specialises in proposing the most promising option for your technology amongst an extensive array of possibilities.

In recent years, in proportion to the further expansion of overseas operations by European companies, we have had an increasing number of opportunities to provide our clients with background research and consulting services associated with their projects, including the acquisition of businesses and assets. Some of our recent projects are listed here. Our publications regarding renewable energy are also available at

Our research and consulting services are also well-suited for companies and operations from outside of Europe. We offer a range of services to support initiatives by overseas businesses who wish to export to Europe, enter the European market, and collaborate with European technology providers.