Research & Strategy Consulting

In today’s globalised economy, there are no borders for technology – therefore companies with superior technologies have an untapped advantage. Opportunities in technology, however, can only be realised by the use of extensive research and analysis. It is essential to have a solid strategy founded upon in-depth information, such as: who needs your technology, what regulations and incentives should be considered, and what your competitors offer.

Direct Marketing & Promotion

The most unique aspect of Green Tech Europe is our ability to undertake direct marketing of environmental technologies. Green Tech Europe provides a platform for your international marketing needs, promoting your technologies globally for a very competitive fee. By utilising our expert research resources, analysing targeted markets, and shortlisting targeted clients, we can effectively promote your technologies to potential new business partners and interested investors.

IP (Intellectual Property) Consulting

Intellectual property strategy is crucial for executing effective R&D investments and ensuring sustainable growth. However, due to the difficulty in predicting future trends and market directions for technology, only a handful of businesses can ever establish an effective and consistent strategy. Our global research capacity and extensive analysis, founded upon best-practice methodology, will help you overcome this problem.