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Block 1

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Example: "LondonRI" Light-weight solar PV panels

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Biomass & CHP
Wave & Tidal
Other Energy
Other (Please specify.)
Rushlight Briefings, Urban Heat Sharing
Rushlight Energy Briefing: Solar Energy Round-up
The Rushlight Show, Clean Tech Conference
Eventure Media, Smart Cities briefing
Rushlight Events: UK Power Generation Market
Rushlight Briefings, Biofuel Briefings
Carbon Show
The Nextgen Expo
London Cleantech Cluster
The Rushlight Show
Rushlight Biobriefing, Biogas: A Sustainable Fuel for Today
Rushlight Built Environment Briefing: Sustainable Construction in Smart Cities
Rushlight Biobriefing
Rushlight: Fracking Sustainability
Rushlight Show: Offshore Renewables and Ecoisland Opportunities on the Isle of Man
Rushlight Show: Funding Cleantech Conference
Getting CCS in the UK to Happen
Other (Please specify.)
Carbon & Energy Efficiency
Smart grid / Community
Other Carbon & Energy Efficiency
Other (Please specify.)
Water production
Leakage detection
Flow control
Water disinfection
Wastewater treatment
Other (Please specify.)
Alternative Fuels & Transport
Hydrogen / Fuel Cell
Other Alternative Fuels & Transport
Other (Please specify.)
Environment (Other)
Sustainable Design
Consumer Goods
Waste disposal
Food production
Contaminated soil improvement
Other (Please specify.)

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Block 2
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