Directory of International Partners

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InfraInsights India InfraInsights is an independent business information and market analysis company that assists companies in the infrastructure industry through independent fact-based insight, ensuring their business success today and tomorrow.Delivered online via our user-friendly web platform, our products and services ensure that you will achieve your desired commercial goals by giving you the insight you need to best respond to available opportunities. Infra Insights keeps you informed on all the key developments, trends and issues in the Infrastructure sector.By focusing our entire organization on serving clients by professional role, Infra Insights delivers highly relevant research-based services aligned to your agenda — not ours. This unique role-focused  research approach is central to our mission: helping you succeed every day. We operate with a clear understanding of our clients’ needs. Diving deep into your role enables us to work as a trusted advisor who understands which priorities are key to helping you solve a problem or seize an opportunity.The founders have deep industry expertise and have worked extensively as consultants with premier management consulting firms. They hold engineering and management degrees from top colleges in India like IIT and ISB.
  • 40South Energy Wave Energy Converters
    (September 2014) 40South Energy is a wave energy converter (WEC) developer which has reached the commercial stage for their H24/25kW and R115/200kW WEC devices. They are currently developing larger units.
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  • Albatern WaveNET
    (August 2014) Albatern is a wave technology developer pioneering a unique approach to wave energy conversion. Their modular wave energy converter units, called Squids, can be connected together in arrays called WaveNETs.
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  • Tocardo Tidal Turbines
    (July 2014) Tocardo Tidal Turbines have demonstrated their 100kW turbine in the marine environment and it is now ready for deployment in commercial tidal energy projects. A 500kW turbine is undergoing development and testing and is expected to be available in 2015. Read more
  • Energy Project Management, Flumill
    (August 2013) Working with Norwegian developer Flumill, EPM have manufactured a small scale commercial Flumill unit that has been tested in multiple tidal streams. The device has been successful in its fully operational environment and has proved that it is a truly robust and efficient device. EPM have plans to have a 2.2MW device deployed in 2014 just off the coast of Norway.
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  • Tidal Energy Ltd, tidal stream technology
    (November 2012) The Tidal Energy Ltd DeltaStream technology is one of the leading devices in the UK tidal energy sector. A prototype is due for installation in Autumn 2013, paving the way for commercial installations in 2015.
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