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Zeropex core product, DIFGEN® is a complete solution, offering a replacement of existing pressure reducing valves for water works. DIFGEN® combines the pressure control capability of pressure reduction valves with the electricity generation from hydro turbines. The generated energy can be used at site or sold to grid. The system improves the energy efficiency in water utilities by harvesting energy today wasted with pressure reduction valves. DIFGEN® is a cost effective replacement of pressure reduction valves in all types of systems where pressure control is vital.


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Zeropex Interview: Hydro turbines

By: Zeropex_UK
The mission of Zeropex is to improve sustainability of communities and industries by supplying power generating pressure reduction devices. Zeropex offer technologies for free, pure and predictable renewable micro-gen. Our energy efficient solutions are cutting your carbon footprint whilst improving your bottom line. Zeropex’ technology is a pressure-reducing system generating pure power from the pressure drop in fluids. It combines the pressure control from chokes and electricity generation from hydroturbines. DIFGEN is a cost effective replacement of pressure chokes in all types of systems where pressure control is vital.

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