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Wind Technik Nord was established in 1986 and began manufacturing turbines in 1989. It operates worldwide, but 80% of its sales are in the UK. The company manufactures two types of turbine: stall regulated and pitch regulated. Stall regulated turbines are in the range of 200- 250 KW and the pitch regulated 500- 750 KW. Both types are certified by Germanischer Lloyd . The turbines are unique for low infrastructure countries which do not support major grids as both types of turbine have stand alone capacity .The turbines are easy to install and can fit into shipping containers for transport.


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Wind Technik Nord

By: Wind_Technik
Category: Energy, Wind
Wind Technik Nord’s main business is the development, production and sale of wind energy converters, as well as licensing of their own products. They have a strong, growing non-productive department offering accessories such as climbing support, assemblies and services and training.

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