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The Wello Penguin is truly organic and unique in design. It captures kinetic energy turning it into usable power while riding the waves. The 220 tonne vessel (excl. ballast), approximately 30 meters in length, is held in place by three wires anchored to the seabed below. The Penguin fleet may consist of anything from 1 or more units, depending on the desired energy production capacity. Only about 2 meters of each unit is visible above the surface. The Penguin is designed to be simple, reliable and extremely durable in order to withstand the harsh conditions of the ocean environment. The outer structure is made of tough, recyclable materials. All operational parts are placed inside of its protective cover. The Penguin represents great value over lifetime as its very low maintenance. Overall it has a longer lifecycle than an average wind power plant.


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Wello Interview: The Penguin

By: Wello
Category: Wave & Tidal
The founders of Wello have an extensive background in marine engineering and sustainable energy technology. Their skill and passion come to life in The Wello Penguin, a result of cutting edge engineering and care for the environment. With rigorous physical testing about to begin, the Penguin vessels are preparing to set out to sea and enter the commercial market.

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