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Peter Madden is the Chief Executive of the Future Cities Catapult, a world-leading innovation centre that creates the products and services that cities need if they are to have a strong economy, a protected environment, and an improved quality of life. He is passionate about the integration of city infrastructure and how a more joined-up approach to city planning can improve quality of life, protect the environment and grow cities’ economies. He has strong views on what the city of the future will look like. Previously, Peter was Chief Executive of Forum for the Future, a non-profit organisation working globally with cities, governments and leading businesses to promote sustainable development. Prior to that, he worked as Head of Policy at the Environment Agency, as Ministerial Adviser to the British Government, as Director of Green Alliance and as Head of Policy at Christian Aid. He is currently a Crown Estate Counsellor, an Advisory Board member of the Center for Energy Efficien


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Sustainable Construction in Smart Cities: Future Cities Catapult

By: Eventure
Peter Madden, Chief Executive of the Future Cities Catapult, discusses the aims and progress of the Future Cities Catapult so far.

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