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The biogas reactors, MR, are produced under personal management and have a residence time which is about half the time compared to conventional reactors. The high capacity of the reactors makes the reactor relatively small compared to what is considered to be normal. The reactor is manufactured in a variety of sizes which makes it suitable even for customers with a low production of biological waste. The substrate is fed to a horizontal cylinder and passes through the reactor in a continuous flow. The construction makes it possible for the four stages of digestion (hydrolysis, acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methaneogenesis) to take place without affecting each other.


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Nordic Energy Solutions Interview: Biogas Reactor

By: GTE Expo
Nordic Energy Solutions, NES, is a consortium existing of six companies, all with cutting edge knowledge of effective energy solutions. The consortium members include: Teknik Fabriken, Varmex, JOH SJO System AB, Rydell & Lembke, OSG AB, and Suntex.

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