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Corrosion is a natural process. Most metals, in their natural state (ores) are combined with other elements such as oxygen to form stable compounds. The ores are refined by man, alloyed for useful properties and ultimately fabricated into structures. Upon exposure to the natural environment, such as the sea, these metals gradually revert to their original oxidized state known as the corrosion process. Owners often mistakenly believe that coating of submerged steel eliminate the need for correctly designed cathodic protection systems. Undamaged coatings suffer from the presence of microscopic pinholes, which lead to the development of concentrated areas of corrosion. The preferred technique for mitigating aqueous corrosion is the practice of Cathodic Protection (CP). Galvanic or sacrificial anodes are designed with a more negative electrochemical potential than the metal of the structure. The voltage potential of the steel surface is polarised (pushed) more negative until the surface


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MCPS Interview: Marine Cathodic Protection Systems

MCPS Limited has over 10 years manufacturing and design experience in providing comprehensive Cathodic Protection (CP) and Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS) to the Marine, Offshore Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind Farms and Marine Civil Industries.

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