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A Fuel Cell is an electrochemical device that converts chemical energy directly into electricity, in contrast to more conventional electric generation technologies such as natural gas turbines or fossil fueled boilers. Direct electrochemical conversion is environmentally attractive because of inherently low emissions, lower carbon intensity, as well as less noise and vibration because it is a “solid state” process. While Fuel Cells have been known since the 1800’s, practical development began in the 1960’s under the impetus of the Gemini and Apollo space programs. Fuel Cells occupied a key role providing on board power and environmental support due to their high energy density to provide both heat and power, and because their by-product water was needed for drinking. Fuel Cells have been in continuous development since the mid-1960’s incorporating substantial governmental and private industry funding. The major developers today have focused on four distinct technologies. The foll


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Logan Energy

By: LoganEnergy
LOGANEnergy Corp. (“LEC”) is a recognized world leader providing fuel cell solutions that target customer desires for clean energy services. The company has achieved technical proficiency through operating all commercial stationary fuel products, aggregating more than 10 megawatts of capacity. These installations include residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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