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This presentation featured as a part of the the Rushlight Energy Briefings Solar Round-up event hosted by Bird & Bird LLP on 24 October 2013. The event gave an update on where the solar market now sits, how it has evolved and where the real potential now lies. It featured contributions from Matt Bonass (Bird & Bird LLP), David Owen (PV-Tech), Professor Michael Walls (Loughborough University and Solar Supergen), Conor McGuigan (Lightsource Renewable Energy), Chris Jardine(Joju Solar), Tom Williams (Partner WHEB Infrastructure Partners LLP), Roger Winchcombe (WH Partnership and former Director Peabody Trust)and Agamemnon Otero (Repowering and Brixton Energy).


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Large-scale Solar, by Conor McGuigan (Lightsource Renewable Energy)

By: Eventure
Conor McGuigan, Director of Business Development at Lightsource Renewable Energy discusses the large-scale solar PV market in the UK from the perspective of his company.

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