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ITM Power’s Transportable Hydrogen Refuelling Station (HFuel) is a self-contained module suitable for refuelling hydrogen-powered road vehicles and forklift trucks. HFuel is well suited to small fleet and early ‘hydrogen highway’ applications of both fuel cell and hydrogen engine vehicles (FCV and HICEV). It is based around a modular platform (standard freight containers) and can be expanded at any point after the initial installation enabling a staged roll-out of hydrogen fuel. HFuel generates hydrogen by electrolysis, compresses it, stores it and dispenses the gas on demand at high pressure (nominally 350 bar/35MPa). It requires an on-site water and electricity supply but is otherwise an autonomous solution for refuelling hydrogen-powered vehicles.


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ITM Power Interview: HFuel Hydrogen Refuelling Station

By: GTE Expo
ITM Power designs and manufactures hydrogen energy systems for energy storage and clean fuel production.

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