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The job of the hydraulically driven rotation mechanism of the HAWART HINGE is to position the two halves of a rotor blade to an accuracy of one millimetre and bond them together. Cranes are usually used for this purpose, but they are only designed for raising and lowering loads. Pulling and turning using a crane is always a critical operation. With the HAWART HINGE, this can be done quickly and easily – and even automatically if desired. Single HINGE systems have a capacity of 15 t, multi-HINGE systems up to 100 t. Our new HAWART LT HINGE (LT = Low Turn) has lower turning axis.


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Hawart Interview: Wind turbine construction equipment

By: Hawart
Category: Wind
The company was founded in Bremen, Germany, in 1987. In 1988 the new plant was started in the industrial zone of Ganderkesee, about 20 km west of Bremen. The company focuses on development, engineering, manufacturing and assembly of manufacturing tools for rotor blades and logistics components.

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