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The Gaia-Wind 133-11kW small wind turbine has a long track record of reliability. Designed to operate in moderate wind speed areas, it has been in operation for almost 20 years and can now be found in over 500 sites worldwide. Income generator – our turbine is MCS accredited making it eligible for grants and financial subsidy schemes such as the UK feed in tariff. Overcome rising energy costs High energy production – our small wind turbine’s oversized blade allows it to capture much more energy from the wind than similar sized turbines, providing earlier payback and greater earnings Tried and tested design – nearly 20 years of Danish design experience and field testing. Rigorously tested and approved by Risø in Denmark (HB Certificate), TÜV-NEL in United Kingdom (MCS Accreditation), and NREL in USA Quiet - the quietest turbine across the full range of wind speeds. Its steady rotation reduces noise nuisance which offers more site options for planning applica


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Gaia Wind: small Danish wind turbine manufacturer

By: Gaia_Wind
Category: Wind
Gaia-Wind is a world leading manufacturer of high performance small wind turbines.

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