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CSP systems are installed in the world’s “sun belts” (areas with the required high levels of direct irradiation (DNI)). This kind of solar energy utilizes mirrors that focus the sun beams onto a receiver tube containing a heat medium (usually thermal oil or water). The generated thermal energy can be used to produce steam, heat, cold, or electricity. When a CSP system generates electricity (through also utilizing a steam turbine), it is called a solar power plant. Our FRT-linear Fresnel collector has been designed to deliver high-performance CSP projects with an outstanding efficiency. This means that they represent a true economic and of course an ecological alternative to the use of fossil fuels in industrial or agricultural processes. Ideal areas of application are process heat or steam production, solar cooling, drying processes, desalination and of course electricity generation. FRT-linear Fresnel collectors are designed in a special modular design to meet our customers’ va


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Feranova Interview: FRT Sandwich Mirror

By: Feranova
Category: Solar
With a broad portfolio of experience and skills, Feranova dedicates itself to turning environmental challenges into economically appealing projects. In doing so, we are aiming at increasing the efficiency and sustainability both of current industrial power plants as well as solar solutions.

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