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The radial outflow turbine designed and produced by Exergy is unique in the ORC market. From an inspiration in the 2010 of our CEO – Claudio Spadacini, we reinvented this technology and for the first time we took it to compete in the ORC field with the well-known axial and radial inflow configurations. This type of turbine has been used since late nineteenth century in traditional steam Rankine, known as Ljungstrom, Parsons or Siemens turbine, but suffered the competition of axial turbines due to technological issues that have been easily overcome in the ORC application. The radial outflow turbine is capable of processing low enthalpy drop on a single stage, thus when it is applied to a steam Rankine cycle tens of stages and multiple disks are needed. On the other hand this technology is optimal for the organic Rankine cycle, as through a limited number of stages on the same disk the turbine can process the entire available enthalpy drop.


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Exergy Interview: Organic Rankine Cycle modules with the Radial Outflow Turbine

By: Exergy
Category: Biomass & CHP
Exergy has created the first and only radial outflow turbine for Organic Rankine Cycle applications. We design and supply ORC modules from 500 kW to 5 MW for heat recovery, biomass, geothermal and much more applications: tailor made solutions are available up to 50 MW as well. Once delivered your machine, our after sales service team will secure your investment with a complete maintenance program.

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