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At Enlightened Designs we are convinced that flat panel photobioreactors will play a pivotal role in addressing the issues associated with closed system/photobioreactor production. Though tubular systems are commonplace, they suffer from a number of issues including high complexity and limited scalability. Flat panel designs are ideally suited to linear production and finishing techniques, opening the prospect of a linearly scalable system. Such scalable units would see a breakthrough in reducing cost per unit area of PBR deployed – which is vital for realizing commercial scale systems. With flat panel PBRs it is relatively simple to control the light regime by operating in photostasis mode (chemostat). We have patent pending microlens technology to produce light modulation – bands of light and dark – which the circulating algae experience as a “dynamic light field”. This exploits a quirk of algae physiology – they grow faster in flashing light (the “flashing light


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Enligthened Designs Presentation: Algae products

By: Enlightened
Category: The Nextgen Expo
Enlightened Designs are an innovation-led developer of algae culturing systems. We work closely with organisations and individuals active in the research & development, aquaculture and biofuels sectors to help them achieve their goals. We do not culture or sell algae ourselves

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