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ENO Energy GmbH, a manufacturer of wind turbines based in Rostock and Rerik, Germany, produces turbines with ratings from 2.05 to 3.5 megawatts and rotor diameters from 82 to 126 meters for onshore applications. Their core business is focused on permanence in their developments, and the company realizes their machines only with reputable suppliers. The group is positioned in the domestic and international market as a manufacturer and supplier of plant services. With high flexibility and reliability ENO Energy is a solid partner for local investors and developers both at home and abroad.


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ENO Energy

By: ENO_Energy
Category: Energy, Wind
As a manufacturer of wind turbines and as a wind farm operator, ENO Energy GmbH are one of a few full service suppliers in the wind energy industry. They produce 2.05 to 3.5 MW wind turbines, innovatively designed and robustly built - for maximum efficiency and reliability at all sites, both for low-winds as well as for strong winds. They offer the entire service chain: construction, maintenance and financing.

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