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The SuMeWa|SYSTEM offers solutions for the decentralized treatment of contaminated fresh water. The systems can be assembled within a matter of minutes to pump and treat available fresh water.The functional principles of the SuMeWa|SYSTEM are described in the following 6 steps: 1. Freshwater is lifted with the submersible pump from depths up to 70 m. 2. After the filtration process, the chlorine is produced by means of anodic oxidation from salts that occur naturally in the water. 3. The disinfected water is safely stored in a reservoir system. From here it can be tapped or distributed via a central piping network. 4. The water quality is continuously monitored. 5. Depending on the water quality, the control unit adapts the disinfection process and is capable of sending all operational parameters online for remote control. 6. Due to the delivered solar photovoltaic modules SuMeWa|COMPLETE is in independent of any infrastructure and is ener


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Autarcon Interview: SuMeWa Solar-Powered Water Treatment

By: Autarcon
Autarcon offers innovative, high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions and concepts for decentralized water purification.

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