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Applied Acoustics designs and manufactures an extensive range of highly technical acoustic products for a range of underwater applications. AAE’s products are used in a variety of markets throughout the world; Offshore Oil and Gas: Used in the search for oil and gas reserves from seabed feature information; tow-fish tracking, diver/AUV/ ROV positioning during pipeline or underwater construction surveys, equipment deployment or inspection and Geophysical route surveys. Renewable Offshore Energy and Telecommunications: ROV positioning during pipeline or cable route surveys, trench ploughing and cable burial; the deployment, tracking or retrieval of telecommunications cables and protection of offshore wind and wave energy cables; the location and recovery of instrumentation.


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Applied Acoustics Interview: Specialist underwater technology

By: AppAcoustics
Category: Wind, Other Energy, CCS
Applied Acoustic Engineering is a leading company in the design and manufacture of a wide range of subsea navigation and positioning products, and marine seismic survey equipment. The extensive product range includes the innovative USBL tracking system, Easytrak, a variety of positioning and release beacons and seismic devices for offshore geotechnical and seabed analysis known as sub-bottom profiling.

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