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Ampair has produced a variety of custom wind and solar renewable energy power supplies for customers. The heliPod™ is the world’s first modular hybrid renewable energy generator. Flexibility - can be used as a single unit or in multiples for higher loads. Deployment can be on rough ground, in deep snow, on a trailer or on offshore platforms.Transportability - heliPodsTM are designed to be heli-lifted to remote sites but can easily be deployed using all terrain vehicles using Ampair’s lifting gantry.Plug and play generation - Each heliPodTM can be linked to a rugged Ampair 600 wind turbine with the option to add diesel, propane or fuel cell back up generation modules.Rapid deploy - simply level the pod, fold out the panels, make connections and power up - 20 minutes per heliPodTM - 30 minutes for turbine pole.


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Ampair Interview: Integrated smalll wind and hydro and hybrid solar

By: Ampair
Category: Solar, Wind, Other Energy
Ampair has been manufacturing high quality renewable energy power systems in the UK for almost forty years. Ampair wind and hydro turbines are renowned internationally for their durability in extreme environments. With nearly 30,000 systems sold to date, Ampair turbines and power systems are currently providing power to equipment in virtually every country and ocean on the globe. From Alaska to the Antarctic, the Solent to the Sahara, you will find Ampair turbines and renewable energy systems.

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