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APP is a leading technology provider for advanced waste to energy/fuel plants employing its globally patented Gasplasma® technology. After the removal of valuable recyclates, the Gasplasma® process treats a wide range of feedstocks including residual municipal solid waste and commercial/industrial waste converting it all into two high value outputs: a clean, high quality, energy-rich synthesis gas (syngas) and a solid, vitrified product each with multiple applications. The syngas can be used to generate electricity directly in gas engines, gas turbines and/or fuel cells or it can be converted to synthetic natural gas (SNG), hydrogen or liquid fuels. The solid product, Plasmarok®, is strong, inert and non-leaching and has a variety of valuable end uses, for instance, as a building material. The process is clean, modular and scalable, delivering high efficiencies and maximising landfill diversion whilst minimising visual and environmental impact.


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Advanced Plasma Power: is a leading technology provider for advanced waste to energy/fuel plants

Category: Other Energy, Recycling
APP’s Gasplasma® is the world’s most efficient energy from waste technology.

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