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The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of the 40South Energy wave energy machines mean that potential uses of the machines are many and varied. Here are just some of the ways they can be put to use: IN GRID CONNECTED WAVE ENERGY PARKS, where they can produce energy to be sold through the electricity grid. All our machines are perfect for this because they achieve a final energy cost – in almost all wave conditions – that is competitive with offshore wind. IN FRONT OF HARBORS that adopt cold ironing to supply clean and cheap energy to the ships at berth. IN ASSOCIATION WITH DESALINATION PLANTS – even in the absence of connection to the grid – to produce desalinated water. This deployment has the added advantage that water is easily stored (as opposed to electricity), so that an installation can rely completely on our wave energy machines for its water needs and use the stored water when there is insufficient energy in the sea. OFF-GRID In association with backup po


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40 South Energy: wave energy converters

By: 40southenergy
Category: Wave & Tidal
The radical design of our wave energy converters lets you reap the benefits of commercial wave energy while avoiding the drawbacks of conventional installations. The 40South Energy wave energy converters comprise one fully submerged section – called Lower Member – and energy interceptors – called Upper Members – at different depths. The relative motion of the Lower and Upper members is converted directly into electricity on the machine. The depth of the machines is controlled automatically to respond dynamically to changing sea conditions.

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