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Getting CCS in the UK to Happen - 14th May, 2015


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Rushlight Show: Funding Cleantech Conference - 29th January, 2015


London Cleantech Cluster - 21st November, 2013


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Weltec Biopower   03:55
By: Weltec_Biopower
Category: Energy, Biomass & CHP
AlbaTERN   12:42
By: Albatern
Category: Energy, Wave & Tidal
Tocardo Tidal Turbines   10:13
By: Tocardo
Category: Energy, Wave & Tidal
  • 40South Energy Wave Energy Converters
    (September 2014) 40South Energy is a wave energy converter (WEC) developer which has reached the commercial stage for their H24/25kW and R115/200kW WEC devices. They are currently developing larger units.
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  • Albatern WaveNET
    (August 2014) Albatern is a wave technology developer pioneering a unique approach to wave energy conversion. Their modular wave energy converter units, called Squids, can be connected together in arrays called WaveNETs.
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  • Tocardo Tidal Turbines
    (July 2014) Tocardo Tidal Turbines have demonstrated their 100kW turbine in the marine environment and it is now ready for deployment in commercial tidal energy projects. A 500kW turbine is undergoing development and testing and is expected to be available in 2015. Read more
  • Energy Project Management, Flumill
    (August 2013) Working with Norwegian developer Flumill, EPM have manufactured a small scale commercial Flumill unit that has been tested in multiple tidal streams. The device has been successful in its fully operational environment and has proved that it is a truly robust and efficient device. EPM have plans to have a 2.2MW device deployed in 2014 just off the coast of Norway.
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